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Swiss Arabian Noora Onyx 20ml Perfume Oil
Swiss Arabian Noora Onyx... Rs. 1,319.00 Rs. 1,899.00
Swiss Arabian Noora Onyx 20ml Perfume Oil Noora means divine light. It comes in a magnificent bottle, this versatile perfume is unique in its smell. A true class from Swiss Arabian. Starts with soft fruity notes of Orange and Honey. Its flowery middle notes and Musky base notes make it ideal for a modern aristocratic lady. Concentrated Perfume Oil Long-lasting versatile Comes in a gorgeous attar bottle Best for casual fall-winter scent Noora due to its versatile flowery, fruity aroma is a great fit for women with elegance. Free Shipping available for this item Notes Top Note: Orange, Honey Heart Note: Lily, Rose, Saffron Base Note: Musk, Vanilla & Sandalwood
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Rasasi Sonia Attar 15ml
Rasasi Sonia Attar 15ml Rs. 1,599.00 Rs. 1,905.00
Rasasi Sonia Attar 15ml An oriental floral fragrance defines feminity at its best. Its soothing notes spreads a fine, creamy elegance. This elegant, feminine perfume with a fresh start and a lovely, harmonious base is perfect for any event. The bottle design and outer packaging along with the other qualities make Rasasi Sonia one of the best attar for ladies. It starts with a fresh soapy top note and dries down to a woodsy floral base. Creamy, Delicate Floral with great Longevity(10+ hours) Neither rude nor demanding but steady and demure Beautiful Pure metallic bottle gives it an Irresistible, Vintage yet Fashionable look For women who love to be elegant yet relaxed, this oriental fragrance is a must-have for them Notes Top note: Bergamot, saffron, and roses Heart note: Jasmine, honeysuckle, and sandalwood Base note: White musk, vanilla, and amber
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Swiss Arabian Shadha 18ml Pack
Swiss Arabian Shadha Attar... Rs. 1,740.00 Rs. 2,472.00
Swiss Arabian Shadha 18ml Attar Perfume Oil for Women Shadha is a concentrated perfume oil for women from Swiss Arabian perfumes. A rosy ambery fragrance made of the rich, golden notes of the scent. Shadha translates as fragrant or aromatic in Arabic. A true ambassador to represent the magnificence of Arabic Perfumery. "Shadha bursts forth with a rich rose fragrance that creates the perfect introduction to this glimmering night. When the rose surrenders its petals, it gives its all to the heart of the fragrance and a golden cloak of amber wraps you in warming, woody accords. The amber is joined by musk that brings out your true essence and makes your scent unforgettable. At the gleaming heart of this nectar lies majestic oud, sending its magnetic aura into the cold air that surrounds you" - A note from the brand Shadha is a concentrated perfume oil for women Comes in a gorgeous vintage looking bottle Concentrated perfume oil A delightful, rich sensual smell which will enthrall your senses Truly said by the brand "The unforgettable essence of you" Shipping free for this item Notes Top Note: Rose Heart Note: Rose, Amber Base Note: Musk, Woody, Ambery
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Rasasi Esraa Attar 30ml
Rasasi Esraa Attar 30ml Rs. 1,329.00 Rs. 2,248.00
Rasasi Esraa Attar 30ml Rasasi Esraa is a captivating fragrance, which has been blended to perfection by using the best quality essential oils. 100% original, Made in U.A.E Concentrated perfume oil A perfect fragrance for cooler nights The beauty of nature. The scent of you Notes Top Note: Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Saffron Heart Note: Orris, Cedar, Gurjumodour Base Note: Sandalwood, Ambrette Seed
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Twinkle - A Rasasi Perfume for Ladies
Rasasi Twinkle Eau de... Rs. 1,280.00 Rs. 1,499.00
Twinkle, A Rasasi Perfume for ladies Rasasi unveils the passion for Women "Twinkle", the fragrance is as fresh as flowers. Reflect a modern women's desire to experience life's little pleasure, giving her the winning confidence to stretch the mind into ideas one didn't know existed. Twinkle, a feminine masterpiece from Rasasi is very Safe, Inoffensive, and having a subtle scent. It can be used as formal wear as it is floral. Women who are fond of EDP, this can be a good choice, at a reasonable price it stays for hours. Top Note: Peach, Bergamot, Black Currant, and Mandarin Orange Middle Note: Orris, Peony, Jasmine, Sambac, and Rose Base Note: Cedar, Sandalwood, and Musk
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Swiss Arabian Zahra Attar 30ml
Swiss Arabian Zahra Attar... Rs. 1,169.00 Rs. 1,749.00
Swiss Arabian Zahra Attar 30ml Zahra is a concentrated perfume oil for women. It is ideally suited to cooler nights. Each precious droplet of Zahra encapsulates the breath-taking beauty of nature. Opening with an opulent feast of fruits: ripe, juicy and inviting, Zahra is a refreshing and uplifting scent for a cold night. The fruits offer their honeyed sweetness until they merge seamlessly from fruit to flower. A sparkle of aldehydic notes offer white ozonic clouds of scent across a blue sky, whilst rich gold-red saffron provides its precious essence to the majestic rose. Embraced by alluring musk and a glimmering golden heart of agarwood, Zahra is the perfect unforgettable aura that you have just made your own. 100% original, Made in U.A.E Concentrated perfume oil A perfect fragrance for cooler nights The beauty of nature. The scent of you Notes Top Note: Grape Fruit, Lime, Plum Heart Note: Black Pepper, Geranium Base Note: Cedarwood
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Swiss Arabian Jamila Attar 15ml
Swiss Arabian Jamila Attar... Rs. 1,699.00 Rs. 2,099.00
Swiss Arabian Jamila Attar 15ml Jamila is a concentrated perfume oil for women from Swiss Arabian perfumes. When summer beckons, Jamila answers with a fragrance as lovely as the season itself. It is a fruity, floral, musky fragrance that speaks of the exquisite and the beautiful. Jamila opens with abundant fruits like a sylvan feast. Ripe tangerines, bursting with zest and freshness, combines with crisp apple and dark, sweet marmalade that melts away seamlessly to reveal a fresh uplifting bouquet. The heart notes are an extravagant display of all the best florals a warm day has to offer. White jasmine blurs softly around the edge into roses and soft vanilla orchid. Enthralled by blossoming florals, you are led into rich, dark woods that offer the cool shade of amber, musk, and velvety sandalwood. 100% original, Made in UAE Concentrated perfume oil A perfect fragrance for women for summer An extravagant musky floral fragrance Notes Top Note: Fruity Citrus Heart Note: Floral Base Note: Amber, Woody & Musk
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Al Rehab Delightful 6ml
Al Rehab Delightful Attar... Rs. 165.00 Rs. 300.00
Al Rehab Delightful Attar 6ml Delightful is a floral fragrance for women. Pleasant versatile balanced with woods and light floral aroma. Contain vanilla orchid, orange, almond, musk & almond. A soft perfume oil. Concentrated perfume oil. A tiny drop would be sufficient for the whole day Long-lasting(8+ hours) with good projection A lovely little gem, sweet & feminine. A topical attar scent. Pocket perfume, easy to carry Women who love soft oriental perfume oil, this can be a good value for the money for them. Notes Top Note: Vanilla, Orange, Almond Heart Note: Sweet, Musk Base Note: Sandalwood, Gardenia
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Al Haramain Million Pure Perfume Attar 15ml Bottle
Al Haramain Million Pure... Rs. 649.00 Rs. 999.00
Al Haramain Million Pure Perfume Oil Attar 15ml Get going! Maybe it’s the looks and the dazzling smile, maybe it’s the persona or maybe it’s just that confident, carefree attitude that epitomizes the boldness and irresistible charisma of these glamorous beings celebrating every aspect of passion and obsession. No matter what the reason, there is one common factor that binds them all… Haramain Million. A truly refreshing aroma that brings about a fresh new dawn… usually after a pretty eventful evening Pure premium quality concentrated perfume oil Soft & sweet floral fragrance for women Perfect for winter & fall Though inexpensive it smells classy & expensive You can wear it pretty much everywhere & can keep a lasting impression wherever you go. This Attar is one of the top-rated products of Al Haramain. Shipping free for this item Notes Top Note: Bergamot, Mango & Plum Heart Note: Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine & Rose Base Note: Vanilla, Cedar, Sandalwood, Amber & Musk