Collection: Oud Perfume

Oudh or Oud Perfume, Attar is prepared from Agarwood. Historically India's Assam is known for producing the best quality of Agarwood and was quite popular among Indian Kings and Emperors due to its strong masculine fragrance and known as liquid gold.

When burnt, the smoke from Oud is known to purify the air and strengthen the stomach once inhaled. You can also sharpen your senses and relieve enuresis since the fragrance of Oud Attar helps the mind. 

Both Black Oudh attar & White Oudh Attar are highly popular among Oriental fragrance lovers.

We have a great collection of Oud Attar from the best attar brands at an affordable price. These are some of the best Oudh Attar according to our choice.
  1. Rasasi Attar Al Oudh Red
  2. Rasasi Amber Ood
  3. Swiss Arabian Shadha
  4. Al Haramain Black Oudh 15ml Roll-On
  5. Arochem Black Oudh - Mild Black Oudh
  6. Al Nuaim White Oudh - 
  7. Al Haramain Black Oudh Attar