Rasasi Perfumes

Rasasi Perfumes a Dubai based attar perfume company founded by Indian philanthropist Abdul Razzak Kalsekar is one of the most established names in non-alcoholic attars and perfume industry. Over the last four decades, this company has taken this attar essential oil industry to a new height by creating some of the best attars perfume. Today, due to its exceptional quality and exotic smells rasasi perfume is one of the most sought after perfume for men and women.

Rasasi Perfumes got to fame by its maiden label 'Blue Lady' commonly known as Rasasi Blue Lady. Rasasi perfume tasted greater success with the introduction of its Oriental perfumes which made Rasasi an ace perfumer.

Rasasi perfumes and attars are exported to more than 60 countries and exclusively to India. In today's digital world, Rasasi India is synonymous with Rasasi Dubai. Due to its smart distribution, rasasi perfume price in India is quite affordable to the average households. Rasasi perfume has gained the trust of customers across the globe which is evident by the high volume of excellent rasasi perfume review.

Rasasi Perfumes has an uncompromising attitude towards quality.Due to its never-ending quest for learning and immense contribution towards the non-alcoholic attar and perfume oil segment, once a dying industry has gained a new life. Rasasi perfume not only has earned its name in the fragrance industry but also took the non-alcoholic attars and fragrance segment to a level where they can compete with the world's very best and even can beat them in a whimper.

Rasasi Best Perfume

From oudh to khus or from musk to floral and blended, Almost all of Rasasi attar & Rasasi perfumes variants are high in demand but below are some of it's very best, commonly known as Rasasi Best Perfume. Here is the list of  TOP TEN ATTARS from Rasasi perfumes

  1. Rasasi hawas
  2. Rasasi deo
  3. Rasasi shuhrah
  4. Rasasi daarej
  5. Rasasi romance
  6. Rasasi la yuqawam
  7. Rasasi royale
  8. Rasasi arba wardat
  9. Rasasi blue lady perfume
  10. Rasasi mukhallat oudh al mubakhar