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Rasasi Attar Mubakhar 20ml
Rasasi Attar Mubakhar 20ml Rs. 1,399.00 Rs. 1,699.00
Rasasi Attar Mubakhar 20ml Rasasi Attar Mubakhar is a perfume of delicate and light notes that stimulate the senses. The opening of the scent is rich assimilation between sandalwood and floral notes. The florals are induced further when the perfume reveals the heart of a rose. The sweetness is caressed with a cushioned base of woody, musk, and vanilla. The tender accords frolic around your senses with a beautiful sillage and gorgeous longevity. The elegant bottle and box of oriental design contribute to the beauty of this fragrance. Available as 20 ml of perfume oil. 100% original Pure Perfume Oil Made in U.A.E. 20 ml of perfume oil Tempting aroma Attar Mubakhar can compete with any other premium brands Shipping free Notes Top Notes: Floral, Sandalwood Middle Notes: Rose, Woody Base Notes: Vanilla, Musk
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Rasasi Esraa Attar 30ml
Rasasi Esraa Attar 30ml Rs. 1,329.00 Rs. 2,248.00
Rasasi Esraa Attar 30ml Rasasi Esraa is a captivating fragrance, which has been blended to perfection by using the best quality essential oils. 100% original, Made in U.A.E Concentrated perfume oil A perfect fragrance for cooler nights The beauty of nature. The scent of you Notes Top Note: Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Saffron Heart Note: Orris, Cedar, Gurjumodour Base Note: Sandalwood, Ambrette Seed
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Rasasi Maisam Attar 20ml
Rasasi Maisam Attar 20ml Rs. 1,580.00 Rs. 2,499.00
Rasasi Maisam Attar 20ml Rasasi Maisam is an oriental fragrance for women. Make a success of your life rather than be successful, nature deep values and simple pleasures in life "Maisam" is like which caresses your soul with the gentleness of soft musk and rose. 100% original, Made in U.A.E Premium fragrance An amazing fragrance with true rose aroma A lovely oriental aroma which smells quite expensive Notes Rose, Musk, Sandalwood, Spicy notes, Patchouli & Amber
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Rasasi Rasha Attar 12ml
Rasasi Rasha Attar 12ml Rs. 1,580.00 Rs. 2,399.00
Rasasi Rasha Attar 12ml Rasha is a perfect fusion of high-quality ingredients that have been blended perfectly to create style and enhance prestige. The fragrance is enclosed in an exquisitely designed and very unique copper-colored metal jacket that symbolizes style and portrays exclusiveness. The perfume opens with the rich and pleasing notes of Casis and tropical fruits which later gives way to the lively and pleasant middle notes of Cardamom, Jasmine, and Sambac. The base notes take over later to provide the rich and prestigious notes of Sandalwood, Ambergris, and lactic that not only make the wearer feel very admired and appreciated. 100% original, made in Dubai, U.A.E Pure Perfume Oil Premium Quality Stays for long hours(10+) Great value for money A differently smelling attar, very sweet, floral Shipping free Notes Top Note: Casis & Tropical fruits Heart Note: Cardamom, Jasmine & Sambac Base Note: Sandalwood, Ambergris & Lactonic
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Rasasi Sonia Attar 15ml
Rasasi Sonia Attar 15ml Rs. 1,599.00 Rs. 1,905.00
Rasasi Sonia Attar 15ml An oriental floral fragrance defines feminity at its best. Its soothing notes spreads a fine, creamy elegance. This elegant, feminine perfume with a fresh start and a lovely, harmonious base is perfect for any event. The bottle design and outer packaging along with the other qualities make Rasasi Sonia one of the best attar for ladies. It starts with a fresh soapy top note and dries down to a woodsy floral base. Creamy, Delicate Floral with great Longevity(10+ hours) Neither rude nor demanding but steady and demure Beautiful Pure metallic bottle gives it an Irresistible, Vintage yet Fashionable look For women who love to be elegant yet relaxed, this oriental fragrance is a must-have for them Notes Top note: Bergamot, saffron, and roses Heart note: Jasmine, honeysuckle, and sandalwood Base note: White musk, vanilla, and amber