Collection: Rasasi Attar

Rasasi Perfumes, A Dubai based attar perfume maker founded by Indian philanthropist Abdul Razzak Kalsekar is one of the best attar companies today, 

Due to its never-ending quest for learning and immense contribution towards the attar perfume and essential oil segments, once a dying industry has gained a new life.

Best Attar Names from Rasasi

  1. Ruh Al Teeb
  2. Amber Ood
  3. Sonia
  4. Romance
  5. Mahyouba
  6. Arba Wardat
  7. Mukhallat Oudh Al Mubakhar

Importer: Cosmix Retail, Chakala Market Mandavi, Maharashtra, Mumbai -400003

Packager: HalalSauda Online Commerce