Collection: Melon Attar

Melon a base ingredient for Melon Attar, is an edible fleshy fruit that originated in Africa and southwest Asia. Today, melons are grown all over the world and they belong in the same gourd family as squashes and cucumbers. Melons are classified as fruits, while their cousins' squashes belong to vegetables.

Melon Attar has a natural attraction due to its gentle aroma and soothing fragrance. Melon mixed with other fruits like strawberry and fragrances like musk used to prepare different types of Melon Attar like Strawberry Melon AttarMusk Melon Attar.

Al Nuaim Fruity Attar Strawberry Melon Alcohol-Free Fragrance Oil Concentrated Perfume ~ 8ML can be your perfect Melon Attar in a dry & dull day to be energized by its charming smell.