Lattafa Attar

LATTAFA, a premium company sense of style, essence, and imminence, is the finest brand from Lattafa perfumes.

Conceptualized by Mr. Sheikh Shahid Ahmad way back in 1982. Being a highly acclaimed visionary, Mr. Sheikh had a dream to create high-quality perfumes for regional customers in the Middle East. A small company was transformed into a formidable regional player with its exports to major GCC countries.

The company has been maturing in style, composure, and quality which created an incredible value among its customers, proving to be par excellence and superior to any other product in the segment. To keep the legacy moving, the company launched LATTAFA in 2012 to expand the scope of business beyond the Middle East and to serve a wider range of customers across the globe. Going global has further made us to bring in the finest occidental fragrances to cater to the niche and the urbane.


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