Al Rehab Balkis Attar 6ml

Al Rehab Balkis Attar 6ml

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Al-Rehab Balkis - Best Long Lasting Perfume For Ladies in India 

Balkis by Al-Rehab is a traditional Arabian and Oriental perfume. This is named after the Queen of Sheeba. An Oriental feminine fragrance enriched with vanilla.

  • Pure Arabic Perfume Oil
  • Made in UAE, comes in different sizes. This one A 6ml Roll-On
  • Sweet floral fragrance, perfect fit for a sunny weather
  • Strong Flowery Deep Long-lasting(12+ hours) smell
  • Easy to carry in Purse
  • Perfect for women, who love Arabic perfume
  • Great value for money
  • A perfect gifting choice for your special one


  1. Top Note: Floral, Powdery
  2. Heart Note: Oud, Spicy
  3. Base Note: Balsamic, Oud

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