Collection: Al Rehab Perfumes

Al-Rehab Perfumes a Jedda Saudi Arabia based company produces traditional Arabian Attar, Oriental Perfumes, and alcohol-free attars of exquisite quality. Its exotic long-lasting attar comes at a very reasonable price.

Most of Al Rehab Perfumes come in roll-on vials which makes it easy to anoint. Al-Rehab Perfumes has gained tremendous popularity in the global market. It is one of the finest alcohol-free attar and perfume oil makers on the planet. Most of Al-Rehab perfumes can be used by both men and women. Al Rehab attar variants are easily available in the Online Market in India and in many other countries worldwide.

Top Attars from Al Rehab Perfumes:

Though each and every attar of Al Rehab perfumes are well-received yet there are few that supersedes others. Best Selling and most online searched TOP TEN ATTARS are,

  1. Al Rehab Silver Attar
  2. Al Rehab Avenue Attar
  3. Al Rehab Aseel Attar
  4. Al Rehab Sultan Attar
  5. Al Rehab Choco Musk Attar
  6. Al Rehab Green Tea Attar
  7. Al Rehab Soft Attar
  8. Al Rehab U2 Attar
  9. Al Rehab Sabaya Attar
  10. Al Rehab Al Fares Attar

Other Best Seller Attars are Al Rehab Dakar AttarAl Rehab Khaliji AttarAl Rehab Secret Man AttarAl Rehab Superman AttarAl Rehab Lord AttarAl Rehab Classic Attar, etc. One can easily start with one of the first five attars to have a taste of Al Rehab Perfumes. Among all these attars Al Rehab Silver & Al Rehab Choco Musk are Best for women & Al Rehab Aseel and Al Rehab Sultan is Best Attar for men.

Manufacturer: Al Rehab Perfumes

Importer: IRG Impex, Jogeshwari West Mumbai Suburban, Dharavi, Mumbai-400102, Maharashtra, India