Collection: Hina or Heena Attar

There is an aura of mystery surrounding the Indian perfume known as Hina Attar or Shamama Attar. It is a rich, deep and intensely oriental fragrance much prized in India and the Middle East but relatively little known in the West. It should not be confused with Henna, the term is also used in connection with the red paste produced from the leaves of the plant, Lawsonia inermis, popularly used to decorate the hands and feet of women for special functions and as a hair colorant. The perfume Hina Attar (Shamama) is an entirely different product.

The ancient non-alcoholic perfume center of Kannauj in Uttar Pradesh India which has been one of the main centers for Hina Attar & Hina Attar Oil manufacture for centuries. Knowledge of the Hina Attar & Hina Attar Oil making process is a carefully guarded secret and has been portrayed, at best, as one in which a number of aromatic herbs, spices, roots, seeds, etc. have been used as Hina attar Ingredients and hydro distilled to produce the characteristically potent oriental fragrance.

Normally Hina Attar is costly but Al Nuaim has brought one of the cheapest variants of Hina Attar - Al Nuaim Floral Attar Heena Alcohol-Free Fragrance Oil Perfume.