About Us

Welcome to HalalSauda.com, largest online shop for buying 100% pure attars and imported perfume.

Once one of us was looking for a non- alcoholic perfume which can compete with the best of western perfumes and having fragrances which will make the ambiance soothing.
He had a tough luck as he was unknown to the world of attars and it's rich history. But destiny had a different plan, soon he got introduced to a friend, who helped him to find one.

He bought a Rasasi Attar of Amber Wood variant and mesmerized by it's fascinating smell. Slowly, he got familiar with the world of attars and it's variations like, swiss arabian perfumes, swiss arabian jannatul firdaus, attar al oud by rasasi.

But he faced a problem, both of these Rasasi and Swiss arabian are only available in Mumbai across attar market in India. So that was the problem he tried to solve and thought of creating an online platform for selling non-alcoholic attar. But that was not the end of it. Soon he realized that to support his idea financially, he needs to sell other products too and he thought of selling the items which are having high demand but very limited place to buy them.

So that's how the journey began!