Rasasi Amber Ood - Best attar for men in India
Amber Ood - vintage gorgeous attar bottle

Rasasi AMBER OOD (Oud) Attar 14ml


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Rasasi AMBER OOD (Oud) Attar 14ml

Comes in a vintage gorgeous looking bottle, this pure perfume oil is truly a heavenly masterpiece from Rasasi. This thick concentrated oil will serve you for a longer time as a tiny amount is sufficient for use. 

A subtle fragrance, You will even don’t notice its scent for half an hour, but after that, it will start showing its true mettle. 

  • 100% original
  • Pure Perfume Oil
  • Premium Quality & Ambery Smell
  • Stays for long hours(10+)
  • Great value for money
  • Spiritual stuff, fit for a composed, mature and sophisticated persona
  • Don't look for compliments, This is for serious personal enjoinment
  • Best time to wear at evening, avoid Summer
  • Going for a spiritual event or a classical music concert? Wear this, you will feel the divinity within you.
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  1. Top note: Agarwood, Rose
  2. Middle note: Amber
  3. Base note: Agarwood, Musk

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