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Al Rehab Rose Attar
Al Rehab Roses
Al Rehab Roses Attar Perfume Oil

Al Rehab Roses Attar 6ml

Al Rehab

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Al Rehab Roses Attar 6ml

When you apply Al Rehab Roses Attar on your skin or on your clothing it will feel like you are passing through a garden that is full of full-bloomed roses everywhere. 

If you are interested in a ripe, freshly picked rose without being paired with powdery, fruity, or sweaty, woody notes, this a great choice.

Very realistic and concentrated. There is a whisper of musk but it is overwhelmed by the mighty of the flower. With a touch of spice, it stays with you and leaves a gentle aura of seduction and allure.

  • It is a very natural type of rose scent.
  • This is unique in its sultry, aromatic velvety nature that captures and possesses one's senses.
  • It is obviously a lovely fragrance, especially for Rose lovers.
  • Very very refreshing and long-lasting attar. The projection is very good.
  • Very affordable option to get a realistic rose scent.
  • Sillage is light to moderate.
  • Al-Rehab has several good rose scents including Roses, Red Roses, Taif Rose & Moroccan Rose but "Roses" is the best one for its naturality.
  • This is a feminine type scent but a rose lover man can use it.
  • This is a beautiful gem from the Middle East perfumeries.
  • Imported from U.A.E.


  • Red Rose,Musk


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