al rehab musk al madinah attar
al rehab musk al madinah perfume oil
Al rehab Musk Al Madinah attar

Al Rehab Musk Al Madinah Attar 6ml

Al Rehab

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Al Rehab Musk Al Madinah Attar 6ml

Musk al Madinah opens with a green and clean scent of freshly cut grass with a whisper of soft and gentle orange blossom and citrusy notes lurking at the edges. Soon enough, a sensual rose comes into the game and adds a bit romantic floral breeze with a hint of warm spices. This all leads into a woody, musky, creamy, moderately sweet, and powdery base with dominant sandalwood and musk and with a whisper of rose.

  • Concentrated perfume oil. A tiny drop would be sufficient for the whole day
  • A unisex perfume for all occasions.
  • Musk Al Madina is a wonderful combination of Rose, Musk & Wood with lovely sillage and longevity.
  • It is a very very long-lasting Attar. It stays all day long with you.
  • Moderate projection and silage for the first few hours.
  • A safe choice for everyday wear.
  • A beautiful gem of Perfumery. 

Fragrance Notes

  1. Top Note: Rose, Amber, Orange
  2. Heart Note: Lemon, Musk
  3. Base Note: Sandalwood, Spices

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