Al Rehab Dakar Attar 6ml

Rs. 179.00 Rs. 300.00 -41% OFF

Al Rehab Dakar Attar 6ml

Rs. 179.00 Rs. 300.00 -41% OFF
Product description

Al Rehab Dakar Attar 6ml

Dakar is one of the top-rated & reviewed perfume oil from Al Rehab. Got maximum rating in one of the world's top perfume review site. Widely popular among all segments of perfume lovers. People from the east or west got mesmerized by its richness.

A woody aromatic men's attar. The fragrance contains various notes like sandalwood, agarwood, amber & spicy.

A powerhouse of vintage aroma. Al Rehab did a splendid job in the layering of this perfume oil, gives it a superb depth & richness. The extra mint brings additional freshness

  • Concentrated perfume oil. A tiny drop would be sufficient for the whole day
  • Very Long-lasting(10+) with good projection
  • An all-season perfume oil
  • Classic vintage smell
  • Al Rehab Dakar with its grand charm & aroma is a great value for money


  1. Top Note: Sage, Amber, Moss
  2. Heart Note: Sandalwood, Agarwood
  3. Base Note: Cedar, Spicy & Watery

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