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Al-Nuaim Majmua Attar 9.9ml

Al-Nuaim Majmua Attar 9.9ml

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Al-Nuaim Majmua Attar 9.9ml

Al-Nuaim's Majmua is a captivating and harmonious fragrance that presents a medley of exquisite notes, creating a symphony of aromas that enthrall the senses. Meticulously crafted, this attar offers a unique and enchanting olfactory experience that leaves a lasting impression.

  • Ideal for Men & Women
  • Concentrated perfume oil. A tiny drop would be sufficient for the whole day.
  • Perfect for formal events and special gatherings
  • Harmonious blend of captivating notes
  • 100% Original
  • 9.9ml Roll-On


  1. Top Note: Citrus, Green Notes, Spicy Notes
  2. Heart Note: Floral Notes, Rose, Saffron
  3. Base Note: Amber, Musk, Woody Notes
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