Al Nuaim Chocolate Musk Attar

Al Nuaim Chocolate Musk Attar 8ml Roll-On

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Al Nuaim Chocolate Musk Attar

The scent is pure chocolate. It has what I detect as a slight metallic tang, like the metal mixing bowl you might be whipping your chocolate confection in. For others, it is a biscuit smell and I can see that while I'm reading it.

When I'm not it just translates to metal mixing bowl or whisk, dripping with warm chocolate. This is the yummiest scent I own. The compliments and attention I get when I wear this are unmeasurable. Everyone thinks I smell like chocolate cake, chocolate cookies, anything with chocolate I've been pleasantly accused of, and I have to tell them it's just a chocolate oil, much to their shock.

Most people are convinced I am carrying around some sort of dessert in my purse. That's a testament to how potent and yet realistic this scent is.


Milk chocolate, Vanilla, White musk, Cinnamon, Rose, Sandalwood, Myrrh, Amber, Cocoa Butter

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