Al Haramain Gold Attar 10ml

Al Haramain Gold Attar 10ml

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Al Haramain Gold Attar 10ml Roll-On

Glitter away from all the things precious to us - Friendship, Love, Time, and Wisdom should figure ahead of Wealth. But there's one thing that's more precious than any of these, and that is Truth. Truth is pristine and self-evident just like Al Haramain's latest offering that's pure and forthcoming. A fragrance so rich and dignified, we couldn't think of calling it anything else but Al Haramain Gold


  1. Top Note: Calamansi, Lemon, & Marigold
  2. Heart Note: Leather, Cardamom
  3. Base Note: Black Amber, Ebony, Patchouli, Palisander wood, & Tolu Balsam

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