Collection: Pocket Perfume

You never know when a body odor will strike. It could be before the morning walk or gym or a meeting or even sudden lunch or dinner request from your dear one. It is almost impossible to avoid an unpleasant stench of body odor.

We suggest keeping a pocket perfume handy so that whatever be the occasion, it won't let body odor hamper your plans.​

At HalalSauda we have brought some of the best pocket perfume for men & women available in the Indian market at an affordable price. The Indian Perfume Giant Al Nuaim Perfume, as well as Arochem Ratlam, produces a lot of pocket perfume. Mostly comes in (8ml) and (6ml)

From Oudh to Musk and from Rose to Mogra or Jasmine - we have a pocket perfume for men & women version for each fragrance segment. Check our catalog to choose your preferred one.