Collection: Arabic Perfumes

Arabic Perfume or Oriental Fragrances is mainly made from spices, musks, incense, and resins. The ingredients like sandalwood, vanilla, and gum resins are used as a base of the oriental fragrance structure.

A small tweak in the structure is used to create a fragrance for men, women, or unisex.

Due to their heavy base note, it lasts long. However, there are new generations of fresher orientals that are lighter and will give a feel of modern perfume.

Best Arabic Perfumes

This is subjective then everyone has their own choice. These are a few Best Arabic Perfumes that we have.
  1. Swiss Arabian Al Basel
  2. Swiss Arabian Shaghaf
  3. Rasasi Hope Eau De Toilette
  4. Rasasi Knowledge
  5. Rasasi Twinkle
  6. Rasasi Sahar