Otoori Black Oud Attar 15ml Pack
Otoori Black Oud Attar 15ml Bottle

Otoori Black Oud Attar 15ml

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Otoori Black Oud Attar 15ml

Otoori Black Oud Attar is an oriental spicy unisex fragrance. Very much oriental, middle eastern aroma.

Features cumin, vanilla, amber & agarwood notes

  • Intense, mysterious & true oud
  • An exotic perfume suited for an outgoing personality
  • Warm and suited for a cold winter months
  • This spicy little gem, one of the top-rated perfume, comes in a vintage bottle.
  • A must buy for any fragrance lover
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  1. Top Note: Cumin, Incense & Nutmeg
  2. Heart Note: Vanilla, Labdanum & Cedar
  3. Base Note: Castoreum, Amber & Agarwood (Oud)

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