Al Rehab Delightful 6ml
Al Rehab Delightful 6ml

Al Rehab Delightful Attar 6ml

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Al Rehab Delightful Attar 6ml

Delightful is a floral fragrance for women. Pleasant versatile balanced with woods and light floral aroma.

Contain vanilla orchid, orange, almond, musk & almond.

A soft perfume oil.

  • Concentrated perfume oil. A tiny drop would be sufficient for the whole day
  • Long-lasting(8+ hours) with good projection
  • A lovely little gem, sweet & feminine. A topical attar scent.
  • Pocket perfume, easy to carry
  • Women who love soft oriental perfume oil, this can be a good value for the money for them.


  1. Top Note: Vanilla, Orange, Almond
  2. Heart Note: Sweet, Musk
  3. Base Note: Sandalwood, Gardenia

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