Al Haramain Husna Attar 10ml Pack

Al Haramain Husna Attar 10ml

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Al Haramain Husna Attar 10ml

Al Haramain Husna is a pretty fragrance with a clean & refreshing mint aroma.

Features orange, mint, jasmine, sandalwood, amber & rose.

  • Pure premium quality concentrated perfume oil
  • A mix of eastern and western so not too hard to wear
  • Clean & refreshing aroma with a minty herbal notes
  • Unoffensive & restrained fragrance
  • Perfect for winter & fall
  • Sweet & delicious, fit for every age bracket
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  1. Top Note: Mandarin orange, Lemon & Violet
  2. Heart Note: Mint & Jasmine
  3. Base Note: Musk, Sandalwood, & Amber

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