Oodh Attar

Oodh Attar or Oudh Attar is prepared from Agarwood. Historically, Oodh has been traded and cherished among attar or non-alcoholic perfume makers, healers, alchemists, and oil traders. The Indian Oodh is available in two distinctive types; one used for medicinal purposes and the other used as non-alcoholic perfume.

When burnt, the smoke from Oodh is known to purify the air and strengthen the stomach once inhaled. You can also sharpen your senses and relieve enuresis since the fragrance of Oodh Attar helps the mind. Some of the claimed medicinal uses include pain reduction and stress relief.

Top 3 Arabian Oodh Attar, non-alcoholic perfume

  1. Rasasi Attar al Oudh 20ml
  2. Mukhallat Aloudh 20ml Perfume Oil By Rasasi
  3. Arooq Al Oud 15ml By Al Rehab